Without change,
things just stay the same.

Nothing too profound about that statement, but when applied to the products we use every day, it makes sense to ask, why hasn’t it changed?

That’s exactly what we did with the surfboard leash.

Here’s a product that’s essentially remained unchanged for the past 2 decades. Sure, it works in its current form, but at FCS we believed it could be better.

A cord unlike any other.

The cord used in the new FCS Freedom Leash is something new entirely, both visually and by the way its constructed. The over-braided design features a high tensile nylon yarn braided over an internal PU cord and creates a thinner, lighter, and ultimately stronger leash.

Precision engineered with the newest materials and tech.

Every other component has been designed to complement the cord and enhance the user experience. We've implemented new manufacturing techniques, and streamlined all the working parts to make them more hydrodynamic. In doing so we’ve reduced the overall weight and the number of potential break points experienced with traditional leashes. 

Being a high performance product, we’ve used a range of production techniques from precision laser cutting to more traditional hand finishing processes to ensure a high level of quality throughout.

Rigorous testing processes.

Once the leash was designed, we then had to create new machines to not only construct each part, but to test for durability & strength.

Through these controlled tests, we could then accurately measure and understand how the leash would perform in extreme conditions.

The final product.

The FCS Freedom Leash is not only lighter and stronger, but also reduces the amount of tangling and drag, ultimately giving the surfer more freedom to perform at their best.